Thursday, February 4, 2010

Symbolism Of The Irish Penal Crucifix


The Symbolism Of The Irish Penal Crucifix


Hammer: For the nails of the Cross.

Halo: Crown of Thorns was not usually shown, hence the halo.

Jug or Chalice: Represents the Last Supper.

Cords: Represent the binding and scourging at the pillar.

Spear: Represents the piercing of the side of Jesus.

Small Marks Along The Side of The Corpus: Indicate a ladder, both used in the Crucifixion and by which we ascend to Heaven.


 The Cock and Pot: Symbolize the early apocryphal legend relating to Judas the betrayer, and also the roosting cock which suddenly came to life and crowed, prophesying the Resurrection.

Three Nails: Represents the tools of the Crucifixion.


 Penal Crucifix - Front

 Penal Crucifix - Reverse

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