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Saints Damian and Cosmas

Saints Damian and Cosmas

Saints Cosmas  and Damian were twin brothers, born in Arabia, who had become eminent for their skill in the science of medicine. Being Christians, they were filled with the spirit  of charity and never took money for their services. For this reason they were known as "the Silverless."

During the persecution under Diocletian, Cosmas and Damian were arrested by order of the Prefect of Cilicia, one Lysias who is otherwise unknown, who ordered them under torture  to recant. However, according to legend they stayed true to their faith, enduring being hung on a cross, stoned and shot by arrows and finally suffered execution by beheading. Anthimus, Leontius and Euprepius, their younger brothers, who were inseparable from them throughout life, shared in their martyrdom.

Their most famous miraculous exploit was the grafting of a leg from a recently deceased Ethiopian to replace a patient's ulcered leg, and was the subject of many paintings and illuminations.

Birth: 3rd Century of Arabic descent.

Died: Circa 303, tortured and beheaded.

Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Feast Day:  September 26th.

Patronage: Against blindness, against hernias, apothecaries, barbers, druggists, physicians, surgeons, midwives, hairdressers, hernia patients and the blind.  In Brazil they are also regarded as the protectors of children.

Rosary Chaplet of Saints Damian and Cosmas

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