How To Pray The Brigittine and Carmelite Rosaries

Instructions on how to pray the basic Dominican rosary can be found here, and the accompanying rosary prayers can be found here.

The Brigittine and Carmelite rosaries are similar to the Dominican rosary however they each have six decades instead of five.  The seven Pater beads honor the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the sixty-three Ave Maria beads commemorate the sixty-three years it is believed the Blessed Mother lived on this earth before her Assumption. In addition, the Apostles' Creed is recited at the end of each decade as opposed to the Glory Be.

The eighteen mysteries are as follows.

Joyful Mysteries:

1. The Immaculate Conception
2. The Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary
3. The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
4. The Birth of Jesus
5. The Presentation of Jesus In The Temple
6. The Finding of Jesus In The Temple

The Sorrowful Mysteries:
1. The Agony of Jesus In The Garden
2. Jesus Is Scourged At The Pillar
3. Jesus Is Crowned With Thorns
4. Jesus Carries His Cross
5. The Crucifixion
6. The Body of the Lord was placed in the Arms of His Sorrowful Mother

The Glorious Mysteries:
1. The Resurrection of Jesus
2. The Ascension of Jesus
3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
4. The Assumption of Mary into Heaven
5. The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth
6. The Patronage of Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace (Brigittine Rosary)
7. The Patronage of Mary, Queen and Beauty of Carmel (Carmelite Rosary)


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    1. According to 'The Brigittine Rosary' holy card: "In the six Luminous mysteries the first is Jesus obedient to Mary and Joseph at Nazareth."

    2. The Luminous mysteries for the Carmelite rosary begins with Jesus being obedient to His parents while they lived in Nazareth. I'm a secular Carmelite, and know this to be true!

    3. We don’t use Luminous Mysteries.
      Many orders have not added them.
      I am a third order Carmeite and the nuns have shared their rosary practices w me. I am very close to them. Blessings, linda

  2. I just read a post from a different site which suggested that the 6th Luminous Mystery for the Brigittine Rosary is the Hidden Life of Mary. It fits logically between the last Joyful Mystery (Finding the Child Jesus in the Temple) and the First Luminous Mystery (The Batpism of the Lord in the River Jordan). I'm not sure if this is viable or not, but it seems to fit. Who would be an appropriate authority on declaring a 6th Luminous Mystery anyways?

    1. Please tell me the site from which You received the information that the 6th Luminous Mystery of Brigittine Rosary is the Hidden Life of Mary?

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  4. The Luminous mysteries were added recently. They're not applicable to this rosary.

    1. The Luminous Mysteries were added after the Dominican Rosary, but they filled a gap, surely the Brigittines/Carmelites have added the Luminous to this rosary?

    2. The luminous mysteries for the Carmelite rosary, begins with Jesus being obedient to His parents while they lived in Nazareth.

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  6. The Brigittine and Carmelite rosaries are created in the late 15th century. The Luminous mysteries are only put into place in the 21st century... Big time difference

  7. True, but the Carmelites are still a religious order today and have moved on with the times. I don't know about the Brigittines, but I do know about the Carmelites because I am one. If you'd like to know the additions they are as follows: The first Luminous mystery of the Carmelite rosary is Jesus being obedient to His parents while they still lived in Nazareth. Hope that helps :)

    1. Where can I obtain a booklet or pamphlet with the Carmelite Rosary and the six decade rosary itself? I've been searching to no avail. Thanks!

  8. I don't think that there is a Luminous Mysteries in the Carmelite rosary as the addition was made to the Dominican version through the Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae.

  9. Do you announce the mysterys before saying a decade?

  10. On to the Joyful Mysteries: 1st Joyful Mystery: The Immaculate Conception; 2nd Joyful Mystery: Annunciation; etc.