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Chaplet of Our Lady Star of The Sea "Stella Maris"

Stella Maris - Our Lady Star Of The Sea

Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Stella Maris, is the Patroness of the men who sail the seas. Saint Bonaventure reminds us that She also "guides to a landfall in heaven those who navigate the sea of this world in the ship of innocence or penance."  

Ships at sea might be guided by the North Star.  Our Lady, Star of the Sea, aids not only the sailors aboard those ships, She also aids all those who sail the stormy seas of life.

The Our Lady Star of the Sea chaplet consists of fifteen beads, a rosary center and a Stella Maris medal.

The Medal Prayer:  A Prayer to the Blessed Virgin
Most beautiful Flower of Mount Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity.  O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my Mother.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to succor me in this necessity; there are none that can withstand your power.

First Three Beads:
One Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be on each of the three beads for Bishop Warren Boudreaux, Pope John Paul II and Father John Paul Finke.

On Each of the Twelve Beads, Which represent the 12 Stars of Our Lady's Crown, Pray:
One Hail Mary on each bead and the following invocations:

Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Help and Protect us!  Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands.

If you'd like to  read more about Our Lady, Star of the Sea, wikipedia has an excellent article.

My Treasury of Chaplets Eighth, Enlarged Edition by Patricia S. Quintiliani

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